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Advantage for Cats – Best Flea Treatment for Cats

With a plethora of flea control products available, pet parents are generally put in a quandary with no full proof direction for them to pick the right treatment. To cut down the stress of selecting the right products, normally product analysts and vets provide proper recommendations. Musing about the facts related to various products and deciphering the various benefits and contradictions, product analysts usually come up with a detailed conclusion. According to their discussion and reports, Advantage for Cats has emerged out to be a perfect option when it comes to controlling fleas effectively.

What is Advantage for Cats?
Well known among many cat parents, Advantage is the most popular flea control product that has variable benefits when it comes to treating flea infestations. The ability to treat regular flea infestations makes it an effective flea treatment.

Usually, flea infestation means a lot of turbulence in the life of your kitty. The flea bites not only cause irritation but also transmit dangerous diseases unknown to cat parents and can also develop health conditions like flea allergy dermatitis or at extreme even anemia. In some cases, cats may develop allergies to flea saliva that means even few bites can be a cause of great concern as it can result in severe sore or itching skin. Additionally, infected fleas can even transmit tapeworm infections, if swallowed during grooming.

Moreover, the grave danger surfaces when the visible fleas only account for 5% and the rest of the flea infestation is found as flea eggs, larvae and pupae, which are hidden from sight in the house. Thus, in a way, it becomes quite crucial to control the overall flea population through an effective flea control treatment.

Loaded with potent ingredient, Advantage comes as handy in treating flea infestations. It gets to work too quickly killing fleas within a day and remains effective for three and more weeks. The spot-on solution, which is quite easy to apply, seamlessly eliminates fleas without a need for biting.

Why Advantage is Fast and Effective Treatment?

With a gamut of benefits and an array of positive features, this topical treatment has a huge potential to shield your cat against the vicious effects of fleas. The latent ingredient has benchmark potential in driving away not only fleas but destroying flea larvae existing in home, thus cutting off the emergence of new flea infestations. Being present under the skin layer, the component helps protect your cat against future infestations for up to first three to four weeks.

What Things Should Be Taken Care About Advantage?

Though advantage comes with rare to no known side effects, it is always crucial to consider some points when treating your kitty.

Advantage should always be applied two days after the bath or if you need to bath your cat, wait at least for two days after treatment.

Post application you need to always ensure that your kitty doesn’t lick the treated area. Also, until the application area is dry do not try to touch it. Let the area dry completely before you allow your kitty to play or go around with other animals if any in your household.

Furthermore, you need to be well acquainted with the application procedure lest you may end up in a troublesome situation. Applying in such an area where your kitty can lick, can deliberately lead to unwanted situations, at times also landing up in emergency stations. It is far better to get a brief knowledge about ‘How to Use’ procedure so that you and your furry friend remain out of the shackles of emergencies.

How to Use Advantage for Flea Treatment

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Moreover, Advantage should not be used on weaning kittens and those below eight weeks of age. The topical treatment has not been evaluated to be used with other medications. So, if your kitty is already on some treatments, consulting your vet is always a better option.

When it comes to treating pregnant and lactating cats, there have been no records or approval from the manufacturer. Therefore, the best person here to guide you is your vet. He can either provide you an alternative or explain to you why Advantage should not be used for pregnant and lactating felines.

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Why I Should Opt Advantage When Other Flea Products Are Available?

The major positive aspect of Advantage over other treatments is its unique non-biting property. Where the oral and other treatments require fleas to bite and feed in order to be killed, Advantage has the upper hand over this. The spot-on treatment, when applied on the skin, is highly efficient in killing fleas on contact, and it does not require fleas to bite.

Major Takeaway with Advantage for Cats

  • Most effective flea control product available on the market
  • Kills both fleas and flea larvae
  • Have the capacity to effectively control future flea infestations
  • Possess the tendency to control flea bites
  • Proficiently controls flea allergy dermatitis
  • When used monthly provides year-round protection
  • One single dose application lasts for 28 days
  • Comes with safety margin so can be used on cats and kittens above eight weeks of age
  • Highly affordable

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