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friends are always fun to have around. They fill our lives with happiness and
liveliness. But the only dangers they deal daily are creepy creatures such as
fleas and ticks. So, it becomes crucial for pet parents to keep fleas and ticks
away from their pets in order to protect them from the nasty diseases they
spread. Well, there are plenty of products available in the market to keep your
pets at bay from these crawly pests, but it is all about finding a suitable and
safe product for them.

it comes to suitable, safe, and reliable products, Frontline Plus is the most trusted
product to treat fleas and ticks in cats and dogs. Frontline Plus comes for
both cats and dogs, in separate packs. But there are pet parents who come up
with questions like – “Can we use Frontline Plus for dogs on cats?” Therefore,
here’s the answer to their query.

Frontline Plus for Dogs

Plus for dogs is a monthly spot-on treatment for 8 weeks older puppies and
dogs. It is a highly effective treatment in killing fleas and ticks and
protects the dog from flea and tick-borne diseases. The spot-on treatment is
suitable for all breeds of dogs and it is water resilient. It consists of
Fipronil and S-methoprene as its active ingredients. The powerful ingredients
kill fleas within 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours of application. It
eliminates fleas by paralyzing them and damaging their central nervous system.

dosage for dogs is determined by their weight and it differs considerably from
the dosage that is required by the cats.

Frontline Plus for Cats

Plus for cats is a rapid-acting monthly spot-on treatment for cats and kittens,
8 weeks or older. It kills the life stages of fleas and prevents parasitic
re-infestations. Its fast-acting formula kills 100% fleas within 24 hours of
application. The monthly topical treatment consists of Fipronil and
S-methoprene that kills the flea eggs, larvae, pupae, and thus, prevents
re-infestations. It is a waterproof treatment that remains effective even after
the pet is bathed or goes for swimming.  Frontline
Plus is suitable for all breeds of cats.

Plus can be applied to the cat irrespective of their size.

What’s the
Difference between Frontline Plus for Cats and Frontline Plus for Dogs

is a major difference between Frontline Plus for dogs and Frontline Plus for
cats despite the fact that its ingredients Fipronil and S-methoprene are
approved to use on both cats and dogs. The active ingredients in Frontline Plus
for dogs consist of 9.8% of Fipronil and 8.8% of S-methoprene. Inert
ingredients for dogs are 81.4%. While for cats, Frontline Plus contains 9.8%
Fipronil and 11.8% S-methoprene. Inert ingredients are 78.4%. So, the cat may
suffer from side effects or develop certain reactions if the combination of
these two ingredients is altered.

Cats are more sensitive than dogs. Therefore, all you need to do is avoid providing your cat with the formula which is specially prepared for dogs. Moreover, it is vital for pet parents to be meticulous while using any counter product to treat the pet.

Treatments and preventives are a boon to protect your pet from parasites and the diseases they spread. However, all that matters is to choose the right product your pet!

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