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Important Things To Consider Before Owning a Bird Pet

Being a pet parent is bliss.
People prefer various furry companions to be their pet while others may also
choose to have a feathered pet. Birds are among the top five pets commonly
found in households. If you’re thinking to have a bird as your pet, then there are
many aspects of keeping them that most parents should be aware of. Birds make
an ideal solution for people allergic to pet dander. These feathered companions
can be entertaining and attractive to be around but there’s a lot more you need
to know about them. If you’re sceptical whether a bird would be a good addition
in your home or not then here are the things to consider before owning a bird

Need To Be An Early Bird Now!

As the saying goes, ‘The early
bird catches the worm’, which means that just like cuckoo even the pet birds
like to wake up with the sunrise. Therefore, if you’re a night owl, it’s high
time to change your sleeping schedule. You may need to adjust your sleeping
routine to get enough amount of sleep at night. The first thing you need to do
when you wake is to feed your bird as they wake up early and may even start
making a fuss if you aren’t there to serve breakfast.

Can Be A Noisy Pet

John Milton quoted about birds-Sweet bird, that shun the noise of folly, Most musical, most melancholy! However, not all the noises your bird makes are melancholy. Irrespective of any species of bird pet you have, you’ll soon find out that they all are noisy. Cat meows and dogs barks but not constantly. Meanwhile a bird tweet, chatters, and chirps all day long. So, if you prefer to have a quiet pet, don’t get a bird. If you decide to get one home then prepare for the chirp, squawk, tweet, scream and much more.

Are Messy

Birds are the most creatively
created creatures of nature. They’re so charming and attractive. It can be said
that birds are that beautiful mess. They eat non-stop during the day and the
ground below the bird’s cage becomes littered with seeds and debris after she
eats. So, you will need to sweep or vacuum daily to keep up with the constant
flow of veggie crumbs, debris and dirt around the birdcage. Ensure that you
have a vacuum cleaner to make the cleaning process easier before bringing a
bird at your home.

Require Attention

Your feathered buddy may
sometimes behave like that needy girlfriend who’s striving to seek the attention
of their partner. If a bird feels isolated or not given enough attention, he
may be driven to engage in destructive behaviors. Therefore, if you’re deciding
to have bird as a pet then ensure that you devote ample amount of your time and
attention her. If no one is at home all day, then bird is not a suitable pet
for your family.

are Sensitive To Smell

Birds possess sensitive respiratory systems that make them vulnerable to fumes and chemicals in the environment. Air fresheners, oils, and scented candles are likely to pose health issues to birds. Smoking is bad for humans but it’s extremely bad for birds. If you are a smoker and want to adopt a bird, then you need to take your smoking habit outdoors.

Live Longer

The lifespan of birds depends on their species. But, there are birds that remarkably live longer. Since birds have a higher metabolic rate, body temperature, and higher resting glucose than that of mammals, it is assumed that their chances of living longer are increased. Therefore, you will have a life-long companion so that you don’t have to feel sad about their loss.

Moreover, as a pet parent, you need to pay heed on your feathered buddy’s health. Therefore, you need to ensure that she gets enough healthy nutrients in order to maintain her well-being. To give her a healthy life and longer lifespan, you can treat your bird with products like – MEDPET 4 IN 1 (powder and tablet), Medistatin, Mediworm Powder, Avert Bitter Solution for Birds.

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